Fall Update

This summer, a team went to the middle east to share the good news of Jesus. Read on for an amazing story of how God helped them find someone from an unreached people group they were specifically praying for: Our team was out that evening praying to encounter people from certain people groups to share

God’s miracle projector

Vlad lives in a nation hostile to Christ. He and a close friend work to let others in their country experience the power of “JESUS,” the film that brought them out of darkness to Christ. He and his evangelism partners ride from showing to showing on their one bicycle, carrying with them their “JESUS” equipment.

God has brought you to us today!

As summer is winding down, we are rejoicing at what the Lord has done through the mission trips. One of my favorite things that we do in the summer is stand in ports of Europe to hand out New Testaments and Jesus Films to people coming for vacation to escape the heat. Here’s a story

Eric’s Trip to India!

Thank you SO much for praying for Eric’s trip to India! He had an incredible time, despite it being so brief. Amazingly they were able to do quite a bit of ministry in a short day and a half! After dropping off the equipment (safely and without having to pay extra fees, praise the Lord!),