Teaching Teachers

Amita sits on the left side of the church with the other women in the congregation while the men sit on the right. Like most women in northern India, she is a second class citizen—even in the Christian community. For years she helped her husband, a pastor of a small church, with refreshments on Sundays

A New Partner in Ministry

In the fall of 2013 we were part of a team that had the privilege of traveling to Israel for a series of meetings. Our key contact for our trip was Rev. Gosselin. He took care of our logistics and in-country travel during our trip. Rev. Gosselin visited Eric two months ago and discussed some

Christ Won Us Tonight

“Christ Won Us Tonight!” We pray you are having a great start to summer!  Here’s an exciting story from a film showing in the Solomon Islands: “Warning!” the walkie talkie sang out. “Please change your plans. Come another night. There is danger in the area.” Gentry* and his team sat frozen, pondering their next move

“What Am I Doing Here?”

Jummai reluctantly took a seat as the first session of the conference was about to start. Her brother had been chosen to represent their church at this “Magdalena: Released From Shame” and “Walking With Jesus” training conference, but he could not go because of his job. So he convinced Jummai to take his place. She

An Exciting Opportunity in Africa!

We want to share an exciting update with you and ask you to join us in prayer for a special event.God is opening doors throughout Africa and drawing people to HImself every day. Eric received a text from two ministry leaders in Africa with exciting news! “Our ministry has permission to air the JESUS film

Breaking Barriers

From January 25th-30th, Eric and 3 others from the Jesus Film team took part in a week-long conference with CCC staff that live and work throughout Central Asia and the Middle East. He trained numerous staff from the region on how to set up and use the “LightStream Pocket” wifi box, enabling them to bring

Allison’s Angola Trip

As my plane took off from the Angola airport a year ago, I reflected on seeing the Lord do amazing things during the week. My team trained women how to share their faith, ministered to local children and helped to make connections between the Cru staff and local pastors. We saw firsthand that God is