Eric's Ministry

For 12 years, Eric produced follow-up film series for Africa, India and the Middle East, helping new believers to learn how to live as a follower of Jesus in their own culture. These films have exponentially helped increase evangelism and church planting throughout these areas.

By adding these follow-up films, decisions to follow Jesus
have risen from 10-15% to over 40%!

Eric focuses on bringing these powerful films to ministries around the world and training them how to use them, so they are equipped to share the gospel, disciple new believers and plant churches where they don't currently exist.

"In Uganda, we plant a church every time we use Jesus Film with the follow-up film "Walking with Jesus." - Pastor David W., Uganda

Ministries around the world use the Jesus film's tools to reach the lost and build the church. In order to use these powerful films to share the gospel and bring the story of salvation to their people, they need video equipment. Eric's team also researches and identifies the best equipment for local ministries to use in each area of the world. They prepares these tools as well as delivering and training pastors and missionaries on how to use them to spread the gospel.

In Turkey

Allison's Ministry

Allison has held a variety of roles with the Jesus film. She has helped Eric produce follow up films, helped to prepare staff for ministry as well as traveling to countries to train locals on how to share their faith and expand the Kingdom.

She has a passion for people and helping them become equipped to fulfill their calling. Allison currently serves our Jesus Film staff by ensuring we have enough staff, in jobs that are in line with their passions and abilities, and that they are healthy and cared for. When staff are in their best fit and ministered to, Jesus Film as a ministry can fulfill the calling that God has given us to reach the world for Him.

Bearing Fruit

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The classic Jesus Film

The Jesus Film is the gospel of Luke on film. It is translated into over 1700 languages, in partnership with Wycliffe bible translators and other partners around the globe. It is the Word of God and does not come back void.

Over 500 million viewers have indicated decisions to follow Jesus as a result of watching this powerful film.

Rivka baby Dawud

Follow-up Films

These powerful films address the most culturally relevant issues in Africa, India and the Middle East, teaching new believers biblical truths and showing them how to live out their faith on a daily basis.

Ministries and church platers use these series to plant churches in remote areas and train new believers how to share their faith with others.


Jesus Film App

"Jesus FIlm Media" is a powerful app that allows believers to share the Jesus film and other tools with people in their area of influence, giving them a platform to share the gospel.

It is available in Android and IOS formats. We encourage you to download it today and belin using it to reach your friends and family!