The JESUS Film

Produced in 1979, the film "JESUS" is the most watched and most translated movie of all time. The 2-hour film is based on the gospel of Luke and shares the gospel in a way that touches the heart and changes lives for eternity.

Over 500 million viewers have indicated decisions to follow Jesus as their Savior after watching the film. It has been shown in every country and is translated into over 1800 languages!

Why film? Because movies touch the heart and break barriers

Film brings the story to life in ways that transcend written communication. This is true especially in oral cultures—places where written communication is scarce. When people see the life of Jesus portrayed on screen, it is life-changing.

Even in societies where the written word is prevalent, films are the cultural flashpoints and ignite conversations.

And this is why we invest in the medium of film. Movies cross barriers of communication both culturally and geographically. We are careful to tell the story of Jesus in every production we undertake, and every syllable that we translate into another language.

It's more than just a movie

Bringing the story of Jesus to screens around the world is a huge undertaking.

With the help of the Bible translation community, we translate "JESUS" and other films into new languages—sometimes before the Bible is even printed in those languages!

We equip churches, organizations, and individuals with the strategies, training, and resources they need to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth.