An Exciting Opportunity in Africa!

We want to share an exciting update with you and ask you to join us in prayer for a special event.God is opening doors throughout Africa and drawing people to HImself every day. Eric received a text from two ministry leaders in Africa with exciting news!

"Our ministry has permission to air the JESUS film AND
"Walking with Jesus" on national television in Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Ethiopia and South Africa during Easter week!"

Walking with Jesus is the 5-part follow-up film series that Eric produced and filmed in Africa. The 5 episodes teach several basic biblical truths and gives practical examples of how to truly live as a Christian in the African culture.

The broadcast schedule in Ghana (west Africa) is below. The other countries have similar schedules. Please join us in prayer for the thousands of people who watch these film over the next few days. Pray that they will clearly understand the gospel, accept His gift of salvation and learn how to grow in their faith.

Friday morning - The Jesus Film
Friday afternoon - Walking with Jesus, episode 1
Saturday evening - Walking with Jesus, episode 2
Sunday afternoon - Magdalena (the Jesus film for Women) 
Sunday evening - Walking with Jesus, episode 3
Monday evening - Walking with Jesus, episode 4
Tuesday afternoon - Walking with Jesus , episode 5

Thank you for your partnership! Your support and prayers over the years have helped to make these films possible and we are excited to see how the Lord is using them across the continent. We will let you know what happens as a result of these broadcasts as soon as we hear!

Have a blessed Easter, celebrating the sacrifice that Jesus paid to wipe away our sins, making a way for us to spend eternity with Him!

Blessings and love,
Eric, Allison, Josh and Gabe