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Eric has a background in culinary arts and restaurant management. He is passionate about helping the church grow and that each believer is equipped to fulfill their calling. For 10 years, Eric worked internationally, producing several film series that teach new believers in Africa, India and the Middle East about living the Christian life in their cultures.

He has written two books, "Good Enough" and "From Religion to Relationship."

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Allison has a heart to serve ministries around the world, ensuring that front-line missionaries and pastors are trained and able to reach their people with the Gospel.

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Our Boys



Age 10

Josh is a smart, funny, loving young man who loves to read and play video games. He also enjoys school, swimming and playing games with his friends.



Age 9

Gabe is a very active boy who loves to play football, swim and ride his bike. He is friendly, energetic and sweet.