A New Partner in Ministry

In the fall of 2013 we were part of a team that had the privilege of traveling to Israel for a series of meetings. Our key contact for our trip was Rev. Gosselin. He took care of our logistics and in-country travel during our trip. Rev. Gosselin visited Eric two months ago and discussed some of the ministry activities in Africa and the Middle East that he oversees. He also shared some of his challenges working in that part of the world. His teams did not have equipment to show the Jesus film in the new  areas that they wanted to reach. Many of those areas have little access to power and he needed equipment that works in those conditions.

Eric was able to send him Jesus films in the needed languages, follow-up films and solar-powered projectors to use throughout those areas.  Two weeks ago, Eric received the following report from Rev. Gosselin:

Thank you for supplying our ministries with the backpack projector sets. At this point, the backpacks have been provided to our ministries in Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Ghana, Mexico, South Sudan and Uganda.

Regular evangelism efforts are undertaken in the villages of South Sudan that are only able to be reached by motorcycle. They will initially use the equipment in the new works being developed in Diabio, Gangara Emilia, Nabiapai, and Nawangu; with additional outreaches to other villages and communities in the region. Their current focus is to push westward to the region that includes Wau, which is largely unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In Israel, The Jesus Film is being shown on Friday evenings at Christ Church in Jerusalem— the oldest Protestant church in the Middle East, with the languages rotating between Hebrew, Russian and Arabic while English subtitles are displayed on the screen.

We just planted New Life Church, a new church 15 kilometers north of Nairobi. This equipment will be used to expand the reach and impact of our evangelism team, and build a group of new believers as we build the church.

We are part of a multifaceted strategy in Ghana, leveraging relationships with existing churches and a bible school. The local team leader will assign a group of students from their Bible College & Seminary to undertake monthly practical evangelism and field work where the Jesus film, Walking with Jesus and other CRU media will be shown in local languages. Team leaders will organize regular interdenominational evangelistic outreach programs from community to community, winning souls in 2 to 3 day programs. This will go a long way to boost the numerical growth of the local churches.

Thank you for being a part of what the Lord is doing around the world. We are blessed to serve alongside you in providing the films and equipment that are being used to reach the lost and build the church around the world!

Blessings and love, Eric and Allison

Ghana backpack