An angry mob tries to shut down a Jesus Film showing

An angry mob tries to shut down a Jesus Film showing

A film team set up their equipment for a “JESUS” showing in a country that is increasingly hostile to the gospel. Nevertheless, a crowd gathered to watch. The team began introducing the film. Just then a hulk of a man stormed into the crowd, furious and threatening … with an equally angry mob following right behind him!

As the mob rushed toward the equipment, the film team moved quickly to stand between the mob and the film projector.. The man shouted, “How dare you show this film.?! You are trying to dominate the village. You are trying to force us into your religion."

Guided by the Holy Spirit, a team leader reasoned with the belligerent leader, "Sir, I have a proposal for you. If you sit down with these people and watch the film from beginning to end, and with an open mind, then if you find anything that is hostile to any religion, YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO DESTROY THIS EQUIPMENT!"

The man agreed, quieted down and sat with the people. He watched, hearing the Word of God in his heart language and seeing the sacrifice that Jesus paid. At the end of the film, he asked for the microphone and addressed the crowd:

"Please forgive us. I and the men with me knew nothing about Jesus Christ until tonight. We have heard and believed wrong things. This film has shown us the truth. We will not stop any Christian from sharing this good news. We will go to church to learn more about Him, His sacrifice, and how our sins can only be forgiven through Him."

 Praise God for His Holy Spirit, giving the team leader quick wisdom on what to do in this situation, and bold faith in the power of God’s Word to change hearts and lives! All glory to Him!  Thank you for your part in writing these stories.

Speaking of writing stories, school is back in session for the boys! They are in their third week. It’s Gabe’s last year in elementary school and Josh’s first in middle school. The transition from a fun summer back to school has been challenging, especially for Josh who is experiencing all new things, but they are doing well and we are proud of them. Please continue to pray for them that they will grow in their faith especially navigating through school and grow to love Him  more every day. Thank you so much for your love and prayers! God bless you abundantly!

Much love in Christ,
Eric and Allison